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Three male hairs in Simgaroop's colors


I love Fanseelamb's stuff, and her male hairs are certainly no exception! Short and simple, like something any regular guy could wear! So I decided to recolor some of her newer hairs, using Simgaroop's actions since those are my absolute favorite colors. All hairs come in all of Simgaroop's natural colors as usual. Binned and familified, with grey linked to black. Unnecessary ages have been removed. Fanseelamb has a very generous policy, so the meshes are included for your convenience. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Fanseelamb's Shorter K&B Hair
YA/Adult + Elder
Original can be found here.
This hair comes in two versions, messy (left) and tidy (right). I've namned the files clearly, so you can easily delete the recolors for one version should you not want both. The K&B SP is NOT required for this hair to work!

Fanseelamb's Colbert Hair
All ages
Original can be found here.

Nightlife Haircut
Teen - Elder
Fanseelamb's original can be found here.
This is an alpha-edit of a Nightlife hair, made by Fanseelamb. While I recolored the alpha-edited version, I decided it would be simple to recolor the original Maxis hair as well, so I did. Again, files are clearly namned, so if you don't want the Maxis recolors you can just delete them. This hair doesn't require any custom mesh, but it does require the Nightlife EP.

Credits: Fanseelamb, Simgaroop
Tags: downloads, hair, hair - male

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