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22 Facial Hairs by Trapping in Simgaroop's colours

Facial Hair

I really love Trapping's facial hairs, but crazy as I am I want everything in Simgaroop's colours! :D What I have here are 22 recolors of Trapping's Fuzzies. I did them some months ago, and I did intend to share them at first, but never did because of various reasons. The alphas are pretty realistic and soft, and the blonde colour tends to "disappear" somewhat on medium skintones. On darker skins (like in the picture above) you'll see the blondes clearly though. I have found myself using these a whole lot in my own game, so in case someone else will find them useful, I have now decided to finally upload them! :)

All these facial hairs come in all of Simgaroop's colours. They are binned, but not familified. The grey colours come in separate files. More detailed swatches are included in the downloads. I only have half-crappy Body Shop pictures as previews this time, sorry about that!


Download Beards


Download Moustaches


Download Sideburns


Download Stubbles

Or Simply Download Everything Here

Credits goes to Trapping, who made these facial hairs, and to Simgaroop, whose colour actions I used.
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