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Welcome to my Journal!

I'm Kristina and you can call me either that or Skoogy. I have been playing Sims 2 since autum 2010 and started creating for the game this spring. Sims 3 has never tempted me, so I'll remain a genuine Sims 2-player at least until Sims 4 is out;-)

At this journal you'll mostly find CC I create as well as different stuff related to the Maxis made sims.

I'm a big fan of Maxis Match (which I admit I have not always been) and it was partly my love for Maxis Match content that made really want to create for the game myself. Simgaroop has been a huge inspiration for me (I probably have 90 % of her hairs in my game) and I will mostly use her awesome color actions for the hair I retexture.

Regarding my custom content I only have two rules: (1) Keep it far far away from paysites and TSR and (2) Don't claim my work as yours. Credit is always nice, but it's not a must.
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